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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

This website ("website") is operated by Nivito AB.

Order confirmation & receipt

Once we have received your order we will send an electronic invoice to your e-mail address as a confirmation of your purchase. It is important that you enter the correct e-mail address when placing your order. We recommend saving this email in order to facilitate any contact with customer service you may have in the future. The order confirmation (receipt) also serves as guarantee of proof of purchase.

Worldwide Payment

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Direct bank transfer, ACH Direct Debit, Android Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Masterpass, PayPal, PayPal Credit, UnionPay, Venmo, Visa Checkout.

Colours & Surfaces

Nivito’s goal is to describe the products at the Website as correctly as possible. However, please note that due to the colour settings of your computer, lightning, et. your experience of colours of the products shown in the pictures on the Website can differ somewhat from their actual colours. Nivito cannot be held responsible for any such discrepancy.


Non-deliveries, please contact our customer support at: [email protected], you need to include your web-order ID and Phone number.

Nivito reserve the right to cancel orders in whole or part. This usually happens due to price errors, system failures or suspected abuse of payment.

Nivito is always determined to provide correct information on our websites. However, the information on the website may contain errors or system failure. Prices listed on our websites are neither an offer nor a contract. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Damaged goods policy

All Claims due to damaged goods need to be send to us within 7 days

Noticeable damage:

  • 1) It's important that you bring up any damages that can be seen on the package directly with the currier. Take not of the currier ID/Name.
  • 2) Take photo of the Package.
  • 3) Report to us directly after deliver at [email protected].

Concealed damage:

  • 1) Photos of the product in the carton (before mounted)
  • 2) Contact us [email protected]
  • 3) No reimbursement will be granted if the product has been mounted


10 years warranty on taps and sinks (not included wear parts as gasket/O-rings, cartridge aerator and hoses.), 2 years on gasket/O-rings, cartridge aerator and hoses. The taps and water drain for the sinks must be installed and tested by a qualified plumber.

The warranty does NOT cover, surfaces damages in use, normal wear and tear, frost damage, water damage and malfunctions caused by impurities in the water, damages caused by unnormal use of the products or/if used in other conditions then the specified area of use, causes of violence or manipulation, if not cared as the specific care instructions in the manual.

Because customer lists often are prepared well in advance of an offering (sometimes a few months before the offer is made), you may continue to receive some offers after you send us a request not to use your information for specified marketing purposes. We appreciate your patience and understanding in giving us time to carry out your request.

Sink care

Care instructions for you colored Nivito stainless steel sink AVOID CONTACT WITH ROUGH OR DIRTY SURFACES as new polished stainless steel will show scratches!

  • Coloured sinks should only be cleaned with soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge then rinsed and towelled dry.
  • The colouring is a solid coating (Physical Vapour Deposit) on the surface of the stainless steel only – harsh scratching should be avoided.
  • Never use steel wool in or on the sink (steel wool should be avoided with any stainless-steel sinks as it can leave steel deposits on the sinks, which can cause rust.
  • Never use harsh abrasive cleaning pads to clean coloured sinks.
  • Never use harsh chemicals or bleaches to clean coloured sinks.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with ordinary steel containers (e.g. tin cans), as these can rust and stain the sink.
  • Avoid prolonged exposures to acids from fruit juices, salts, tea bags etc., as these may leave stains.


Within 10 years from ordering date of your product you have the right to submit your complaints regarding the workmanship and material defects. In case of a defective product Nivito can offer repair, replacement parts, replace or credit the product.

ALL claims need to be handled by the original supplier in your country. If the purchase has been made in the Webb shop send your claims to [email protected], otherwise you need to contact the shop, etc. that you bought your product from or the local Nivito agency in your country.

The payment is payed after all is agreed on within 30 days.


All refunds will be sent back to same account/credit card as the purchase was made from/with if no other agreement has been taken. Refunds usually will be sent back within 30 days.


Free shipping after 500 AUD to World-wide. To all cities that is handle by postal service. We are not responsible if there is no means of deliver to your location of choice. Time of delivery within EU 1-2 weeks outside of EU 1-3 weeks.

Return Policy

All claims of return goods will need to be handle as following:

  • 1) The goods need to be un opened
  • 2) The goods need to be packed in it´s original packing material.
  • 3) Needs to be return in unused condition. (used products will not be approved for reimbursement)
  • 4) Will be picked up by a carrier of our choice.
  • 5) After the product has been inspected by us we will arrange for a refund. (exceptions is when the returned goods does not comply with above rules).

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